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Any photo you have that is a favourite can also be used, whether it's a single or many photos. We have them 'wrapped' around the outside layer, for the ultimate answer to your unique farewell, and sharing your story: 

after all.... "A picture tells a thousand words."

*We have many Traditional, Eco-friendly & Solid Wooden coffins, and beautiful Caskets as well.

White Coffin with All White Flowers

Many Wood-grain Colours &  Veneers

Indigenous & Cultural Flags / Symbols

Nature & Outback Scenery

Rosewood Veneer with Native Flowers

Any Outdoor Event or Race

Premium options in many colours

Motorbike, Bike, Car, Motorsport lovers

Wicker Eco-friendly & natural Baskets

Pure wool & natural fibre Baskets

Everything about Boats Enthusiasts

Farmers, Living on the Land & Aussie living

Surfers & Beach Lifestyle

Every Sport or Hobby

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