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Any photo you have that is a favourite can also be used, whether it's a single or many photos. We have them 'wrapped' around the outside layer, for the ultimate answer to your unique farewell, and sharing your story: 

after all.... "A picture tells a thousand words."

*We have many Traditional, Eco-friendly & Solid Wooden coffins, and beautiful Caskets as well.

Female White Lacquered Coffin.webp

White Coffin with All White Flowers

blondewood coffin.jpg

Many Wood-grain Colours &  Veneers

indiginous coffin.jpg

Indigenous & Cultural Flags / Symbols

river and trees coffin.jpg

Nature & Outback Scenery


Rosewood Veneer with Native Flowers

jockey horses coffin.jpg

Any Outdoor Event or Race

rosewood premium coffin.jpg

Premium options in many colours

motorbike rainbow coffin.jpg

Motorbike, Bike, Car, Motorsport lovers

wicker eco coffin.jpg

Wicker Eco-friendly & natural Baskets

pure wool natural coffin.jpg

Pure wool & natural fibre Baskets

golfclub ball coffin.jpg
sailing boats coffin.jpg

Everything about Boats Enthusiasts

tractor haybale coffin.jpg

Farmers, Living on the Land & Aussie living

surfing ocean coffin.jpg

Surfers & Beach Lifestyle

Every Sport or Hobby